Streets & Sanitation Issues

Recycling Pick-Up Schedule

(For households and buildings with fewer than four units. Make sure your Blue Carts are available curbside or in the alley—whichever you do for trash pick-up. Here’s a list of what you can and can’t recycle.)

South of Foster and west of Kedzie: PDF
South of Foster and east of Kedzie: PDF

Trash Pick-Up

Information pending.

Graffiti Removal

When you see graffiti,whether it’s gang graff, tagging or etching, please report it as soon as possible. Start by reporting the graffiti to 311. You’ll need to report what surface it’s on, how high up it is, if it’s on the alley, etc.  If you have a smartphone, you can utilize a free 311 reporting app such as SeeClickFix, which helps you submit actual photos to the city’s Graffiti Blasters team. (Photos also help in the prosecution of taggers.)

Next, please email or phone your alderman’s office—especially if you’re seeing a rash of gang-related graffiti. The 17th District also wants photos and location of tags emailed to their monitored email address:

Finally, if you’re handy and also can’t wait for Graffiti Blasters, consider picking up a bottle of this cleaner recommended by other neighborhood associations, SoSafe Graffiti Remover. It’s pricey, but very effective.

Snow Removal

Plowing is now done on a grid, instead of a ward-by-ward basis. For a real-time look at Streets & San’s plowing, check out Clear Streets. If your area is not receiving plowing services, do notify your alderman and 311. Remember that alleys are never plowed and that “dibs” is a tacky tradition.

To report businesses and neighbors who habitually fail to remove snow from sidewalks, call 311 or report to 311 online.


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