Government Officials


(Due to a ward remap in 2015, Albany Park is now split between three wards. Ward 39 is about 20% of our community, while Wards 33 and 35 each share 40%)

Ald. Margaret Laurino, Ward 39 – Her ward comprises the northwesternmost part of Albany Park, plus North Park, North Mayfair, Sauganash, Forest Glen, and half of Edgebrook. Ald. Laurino does not hold ward night events. Facebook| Website

Ald. Carlos Rosa, Ward 35 – Ald. Rosa’s ward now includes parts of Albany Park, Irving Park, Avondale, Logan Square and Hermosa. FacebookWebsite

Ald. Deb Mell, Ward 33 – This ward includes portions of Albany Park, Irving Park, Avondale, Horner Park, and Ravenswood Manor. Ald. Mell holds ward night on Wednesdays from 5-7pm and on the first Saturday of the month from 9am to noon. Facebook | Website

Cook County Commissioners

John Fritchey, 12th District – Represents Albany Park north of Lawrence Avenue and select blocks west of Lawndale from Montrose to Lawrence. Website

Luis Arroyo Jr., 8th District—Represents Albany Park south of Lawrence Avenue and largely east of Lawndale. Website

State Representatives & Senators

Rep. Jaime Andrade, 40th District -Represents the vast majority of Albany Park. Facebook | Website
Rep. John D’Amico, 15th District- Represents only the Northernmost part of Albany Park, north of Argyle – Website

Sen. Ira Silverstein – Website
Sen. Iris Martinez – Website | Website


Rep. Mike Quigley, IL-5 – He represents Albany Park north of Ainslie. Website | Facebook
Rep. Luis Guitierrez, IL-4 – He represents Albany Park south of Ainslie. Website | Facebook
Sen. Tammy Duckworth – Website | Facebook
Sen. Dick Durbin – Website | Facebook


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