Supporting Business

We at Albany Park Neighbors support our existing business, while working closely with officials and organizations to promote the thoughtful, responsible growth of that community. Here are some of the functions that Albany Park Neighbors can offer the business community:

  • Facilitate neighborhood response to zoning proposals with the cooperation and coordination of ward officers
  • Crowdsource ideas about what businesses residents need in our neighborhood
  • Partner with existing and emerging Albany Park businesses to promote commerce
  • Coordinate events and programs where businesses can give back to the community, such as clean-ups

We also recognize the contributions of local business through our Block Star Business program. Residents select those neighborhood establishments which enhance quality of life in the area by fighting litter, improving facades, supporting community goals and events, and more. Learn more about Block Star Business and our recipients to date.


2 Replies to “Supporting Business”

  1. No, you raise a totally valid point. We need people to step up to take on translation, and we’ve been seeking folks in the neighborhood to help. We’ve had people offer, but not follow through on a few projects, and there’s some languages where we lack confidence to translate effectively. If you can help, please do.

    It’s not our intent to only get a slice of input, nor to transform our ‘hood into something else. Edited to add: we’re an all-volunteer organization.

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