Leadership Team

Albany Park Neighbors is a grassroots organization founded in late 2012. The original leadership team: Keith Altena, Maryam Altena, Megan Backes, Sarah Betterton, Shylo Bisnett, Jess Bouboulis, Eric Filson and Joshua Sherif.

Current Elected Board Members:

President: Jessica Bouboulis

Vice President: Keith Altena

Treasurer: Eric Filson

Secretary: Monica Wanat

Community Liaison: Maryam Altena

The board members make decisions by sourcing the input of the general membership. Please follow our Facebook page to participate in shaping decisions on community issues. We also pull in the expertise and wisdom of other members who have expressed a desire to increase their involvement in the group and neighborhood.

Current At-large Board Members:

Katie Andert: Green Space and Education

Martin Andert: Green Space and Education

Ana Bermudez: Events and Arts

Sarah Betterton:  Website and Marketing

Maxine Chaikouang: 2017 Space Partner

Sarah Delezen: Jensen Park and Community Organizations

Drew Deward: Green Space

Mason Payne: Special Events

Joshua Sherif: community advisor

At this time, leadership is open to community members who have demonstrated a commitment to the group through regular meeting attendance, strategic planning and execution of events, and participation in volunteer opportunities open to the wider membership, including clean-ups, election forums, etc. It is a significant time investment, but emotionally fulfilling and intellectually rewarding.

Eligibility: To qualify, the person must be a resident of Albany Park and a current member of Albany Park Neighbors in good standing. Anyone interested in nominating someone (including themselves) can email albanyparkneighbors@gmail.com.

General elections will be held at a later date.

Email Address: albanyparkneighbors@gmail.com
Phone Number: 773-828-9052